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1 [tut]How To Make Trainer on Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:21 am


This Tutorial is not made so that the forum will get spammed with shitty trainers. Please Keep Your Shitty trainers to yourself unless they are worth releasing.

1.Info. On This Tut
2.What You Will Need
3. If Your New To Delphi - How To install ShockwaveFlash
4.Steps For Making

1. This Tut Will Teach You How To Make A trainer for aqworlds with ways to send packets by button, how to link forms and other stuff.
this Tut Will be constantly updated if you request Something to be in it. to request please post or pm me.
Also Pictures Will Be Coming Soon.

2.What You Need
Delphi Personal 7 - Thanks To Archmage
AQWPE 100% Fixed By Me With SWF And Base Editor
A Brain - Sorry But They Cannot Be Downloaded (but if your lucky you can buy one lol)

3.How To Install ShockwaveFlash
First Goto the components menu and click, "import new active x control"

then go down the list until you find ShockwaveFlash [Version1.0]. then click "Install".

Now You Should Have A TShockwaveFlash Icon under the ActiveX tab

If You Dont then repeat the Above Steps, But instead of clicking "Install", click "Create Unit".

1. install delphi and open the "Project1.dpr" file in the AQWPE src
(i take no credit in the making of AQWPE only for fixing it).

2. First I Will Teach You How To Send A Packet By Button

There is Two Ways To do this that i wil teach you.
For Those Using Fixed AQWPE,
make a button and put this code


For Those Using Their Own Form,


The Reason that they are different is because if you go into my form and look for the procedure

procedure TMain.send1packet(pd: string);

the code is there. this is for your convinience.
This Step is for when you want to link forms such as a hacks menu or swf and base changer.
first save the form that you want to attach into the folder that the trainer is in.
then find the part of BOTH forms which says Code:
underneath implementaion put uses and the unit's name

then put a button or whatever in the main and code it with Code:

then press to start a debug session to find out if everythin works if it doesnt then you fail and need to try again or give up.

I hope You Like The Tut That i made
you can find my trainer here

If there is something that you would like to have in this topic please comment. or if you just need help but dont want it here pm me.

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2 Re: [tut]How To Make Trainer on Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:43 am

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you maek it?

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