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1 Flamingheart Megathread on Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:33 am



First of all, you may be wondering why it isn't all flashy, the answer is because I like things simple.

To Make Your Life Easier Use Ctrl+F To Find What You Are Looking For

Noobs/Newbs Read Here As It Is Important For You

Rules Summarized


Filtering Megathread

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

Read The Rules As Well

Phixen’s Awesome Thread

1.)Normal Haircuts
6.)Slime Haircut

1.)Basic Shop Enhancement (Yulgar)
2.)Old Enhancement Shop
4.)Upgrade Enhancements

1 - Level 1 Staffs
3 - Level 3 Swords
4 - Level 5 Swords
6 - WarpForce Shop
7 - Admin Shop (Taken out)
8 - Sword Haven Helm Shop
9 - Elissa's Pirate Shop
10 - Battleon Upgrade Shop
11 - Valencia's AC Coin shop
12 - Aria's Member Pet Shop
13 - Warlic's Magic Shop
14 - Rare Mogloween Shop (Taken out)
15 - Dwakel weapons
16 - Yulgar Weapon Shop
21 - Base Class Shop
22 - Thok's Warlord Shop
23 - Arcaina's Sorcerer Shop
24 - Juvania's Acolyte Shop
25 - Metrea's Renegade Shop
26 - Paladin (Taken out)
27 - Mazumi's Assassin Shop
31 - Mothers Day Shop (Replaced) Fathers Day Shop
32 - Season Shop (Replaced) Cinco De Mayo Shop
33 - Turkey Suit (Taken out)
34 - Presents (Taken out)
35 - Robina's Frostvale Shop (Taken out)
36 - Major Moglin's Frostvale Toy Shop (Taken out)
37 - Wedding Presents Shop (Taken out)
38 - Dragonslayer Item Shop
39 - Standard Newbie Shop
40 - Crimson Paladin Armor Shop
41 - Battleon Mega Armor
42 - Artix's Platinum Axe Shop
43 - Rare Superbowl Shop (Taken out)
44 - Citadel Rewards Shop
45 - Chaos Element Weapon Shop
46 - Pactogonal Knight Shop
47 - Evil Shadowfall Shop
48 - Good SwordHaven Shop
49 - Voltaire Unlive event shop (Replaced) Now Traviling Moglin Shop
50 - Voltaire Unlive event shop (Taken out)
51 - April Fools Shop (Replaced) Earth Day Shop
52 - Chainsaw shop
53 - Adventure Quest Shop
54 - DragonFable Shop
55 - MechQuest Shop
56 - Evil Mobius Victory Shop
57 - Good Mobuis Victory Shop
59 - Summer Break Shop/New shop
60 - Chuckles Skull Shop
61 - Peacock's Costume Shop
62 - Mustartd's Costume Shop
63 - Plum's Costume Shop
64 - Hitchgreen's Costume Shop
65 - Scarlet's Costume Shop
66 - Whiteberry's Costume Shop
67 - Sleuthhound Butler Shop
68 - Shadow Lich Shop
69 - Player Suggestion Shop
70 - House Furniture Item Shop
71 - House Shop
72 - House Wall Item Shop
73 - House Other Item Shop
74 - Mercuria's Mage Shop
76 - Skull Crusher Shop

●Megathread Of IDs

●[Release] Automatic - Weapon/Armour Check List

●[Release]Latest SWF

● [Release] Custom character Builder Tool

●[Release] AQW Autoer Studio 0.55

●[MegaThread] Isair's Technical Megathread + Source Codes

● [Open Source] AJAX AQW Loader

●[JD|FORGE] AQW Weapon and Armor Gallery {6-9}

●[dark claw] Weapon and Armor Gallery

●Finality's End Customs Thread

●[Release] Hell Quest v0.885 GAMMA

●[RELEASE] AQW Trainer By LolSalad FIXED

●[Release] Project Alpha

●[Release] AQW SeriosTrainer v1.0.2 [VARIABLE EDITING] MAY 27

●[Release] AQWnow v0.6b [July 13]

●[Release] Cross Hell v0.2 (Cross Platform)(Send Packets)

●[Release] My Private Trainer

●Cross Hell V0.35 by The Dreaded

●[NEW!] moon Light Autoers

●[Release] E. G. Autoers

●[Release]Timmah’s RITC Autoer

●Shady’s Autoers

●[JD|FORGE] The FORGE Autoers w/ Sentry

●[Pic Tutorial]Hacking AQW with WPE-PRO from beginning to end

●All About Wpe Pro w/ Download Link

●{New Here?} The Guide for an AQW Noob/Newb v2.0.1

●Infinite health and mp

●[Pic Tut] How To Make A Trainer For AQWorlds (UPDATED!)

●[TUT] How to use weapon hack filter (ADDED STUFF LOL)

●[TuT]AQW Trainer HellQuest(UPDATED again)

●Tut on how to change Good/Evil skipping the video.

●The Smartest Way.Hacking" AC Coins. v1.9 (Pics)

●[TUTORIAL] How To Make A Cross-Platform AQW Loader

●[TUT]MS Bypass[3 Bypasses]

●<TUT>(PICS)-How to make custom weapons/armors/capes

●[Release] TUTORIAL, Marks How To Auto A Boss

●FREE AC! - TESTED- Re-Updated with example screenshots.

●For those who cant do AEextras{tut on how you can}

●Making money for membership

●[Pic TuT] Finding .SWF's - Also downloading the .FLA's

●[Release] Clear hair hack instructions

●[Pic Tut] Creating Custom Armors/Custom Linkage

●[Tutorial] How to get to any unreleased boss

●[AQW Custom Making] If You Don’t Read You Get Genital Herpes
Visit For More Info.http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=436035

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wow dewd, did you maek oll this? Surprised

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